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Thanks for the greetings + updates + feature

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 31, 2012, 8:02 PM

Thank you for the greetings !

Although it's late (10days have passed lol) I really thank you for all the birthday greetings you gave me. Normally I'll reply them one by one as usual but I don't think it's polite and I just don't know what to say besides thank you ^^;

Honestly I didn't really expect all those greetings. Lately deviantart has been cold, maybe since there are unwatch journal, forum posts etc things and many of you unwatch my journal posts. Eh, I can't blame you, I did the same too ^^; but really, in internet friendship has a fast expire date (lol) so it's better if we make new friends everyday. Sure there are a few old friends still contacting me , but it's really a few . Just share some thought ^^

Ah anyway, I hope I can be better this year!  Once again, thank you so much!!

My current condition

Busy with competition, commisions and World Inverse. Yeah, as usual. Nothing special happened, but  I really have fun drawing, really! I hope I can improve and be better fast! Thank you for all of your support!

Ah and I forgot to say this: thank you for the invitations for Secret Santa 2012 !! I'm really honoured, it's been 2years I haven't joined SS. I hope I can make a great gift so s/he who received my gift will be happy ^^

Commission is closed for December. It opens for January next year.


My front page is kinda empty (hahaha) I will feature as much people as I can. Please comment with 1 thumbnail code, I'll feature them in DA my front page ^_^

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June Feature + preorder komik OHB2PM

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 19, 2012, 3:51 AM


I made another comic title named "Our Hours Beyond 2PM" literally it's a side story so the story is short, the main story hasn't been made yet but if this oneshot project succeed, the making will be considered.

Sorry it's for indonesians only for now ^^;

Order komik oneshot untuk ComiFuro is now opened!

Our Hours Beyond 2 PM by futarinokizuna

Title: Our Hours Beyond 2PM -- Side Story: Broken Promise
Author: Mimi N / 33-3
Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy
Spec: A5 HVS size b/w 24pages + cover
Sinopsis: Zein telat 3jam dari jam yg dijanjikan dan membuat Luna sangat marah karenanya. Namun apakah hanya hal itu yang menyebabkan Luna marah besar?

Price = 10000 IDR (khusus order online,bonus 1 bookmark)
Harga belum termasuk ongkos kirim.

- PREORDER akan dibuka dari tanggal 20 Juni 2012 sampai 3 Juli 2012, preorder dapat ditutup sewaktu-waktu apabila slot penuh.
- Hanya dijual di comifuro.
- Untuk mereka yang berniat mengambil barangnya di event ComiFuro event GJUI (15-16juli 2012) tidak akan dikenakan ongkos kirim, NAMUN semua diharuskan MEMBAYAR DI MUKA. (yang mau beli di comifuro tp gak preorder, slot ndak jamin disimpen ya)
- Pengiriman dilakukan via POS / TIKI / JNE
- Pengiriman preorder maupun order online akan dilakukan serentak dari rentang tanggal 14-18juli 2012 bersamaan dengan pengiriman komik World Inverse.

Apabila ingin memesan, bisa note saya dengan title "PO OHB2PM":
- Nama:
- Alamat Lengkap: (dari alamat, kabupaten, kota, propinsi, kode pos)
- Jumlah barang:
- Tipe pembayaran: (BCA/Mandiri/Mega)

Di lain pihak, World Inverse vol 0 still available for order till next week :D the price is 20000 IDR

Feature Session!

The feature for June session is closed! I don't expect it to be this many, so I add some slots a bit :) Please enjoy the feature and give some love they deserve :heart:
The feature will be held from June 19th until July 20th.

1. :iconpastelgomi::thumb298518097::thumb307925742:
2. :iconkenfan0206: Pen Practice: Joker by kenfan0206 MarkerDump by kenfan0206
3. :icondeathatsunrise: ACA: Goodnight by DeathatSunrise Shebari by DeathatSunrise
4. :iconsplitin2kun: Anbu Hinata by Splitin2kun Sesshomaru X Rin ::Gender Bender:: by Splitin2kun
5. :iconpatty110692: Alice what have you done colored by patty110692 Succubus Love Colored by patty110692
6. :iconisacchi: CL : Echilla Gunawan by isacchi CR - Winter Children by isacchi
7. :iconreneedelagee: Heart Will Paralize by ReneeDeLaGee CrypticBunBun's  Moonwatchers by ReneeDeLaGee
8. :iconnightfall16: City of Amalgamate Teaser by nightfall16 Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance by nightfall16
9. :iconazuremarin: :CR: Hide and Seek! BATA!! by azureMarin :CR: ordinary by azureMarin
10. :iconnemutte0no0ame: :thumb305859074::thumb305858729:
11. :iconuchuubranko: Good Night... by uchuubranko Now, a Beautiful World by uchuubranko
12. :iconsyndicth: GES: Among Nature by Syndicth CLAC: Suasana Cafe Colored by Syndicth
13. :iconemalietison: The Creation of It All by EmalieTison Contest Entry - The Princess and the Frog by EmalieTison
14. :iconhoneybeezahida: :thumb298134763: :thumb309079880:
15. :iconshirahime2345: +Unending Requiem+ by shirahime2345 Doll House by shirahime2345
16. :iconhong-t: Bind by HonG-t Octupus Girl by HonG-t
17. :icondaevaluque: ._ HBD MOCHI-RIN _. by Daevaluque _. Sem 2. 01 ._ by Daevaluque
18. :iconageha1sbf: Neo Lox by ageha1sBf Miracles by ageha1sBf
19. :iconlike-creamy: Black and Yellow by like-creamy RaIn by like-creamy
20. :iconnijun--chang: Listen to Your Body by NiJun--Chang OC Lyn by NiJun--Chang
21. :iconcembree: Monochromes and Butterflies by cembree Good Day by cembree
22. :iconanime-halo: Destined Encounter- by anime-halo Top of the Tower by anime-halo
23. :iconyuuike: Our shattering worlds by yuuike

I love deviantArt XD :D
Please let me know if there's a mistake.

My current condition

5% more towards finishing the newest one shot named "Our Hours Beyond 2PM". Tomorrow the order will be opened for this comic, it's more exclusive than World Inverse, meaning there won't be any reprint and only sold at ComiFuro @ Indonesia University later.

On the other hand, World Inverse's Inv 7 will be pretty late updated. Trying to translate and continuing smackjeeves version on late July later.
Back in past days I was a bit stressed and sick of drawing manga anime style. I don't feel it now though, but I still keep learning about consistency,variating, perspective, expressions and colours.

And I plan to work on commissions this weekend. I bet my clients are mad already ^^;

On social aspect, there was this friend keep lecturing me like she knows everything that I won't know -_-" duh ... but her words are worth to hear, though her attitude isn't good to befriend with :lol:

I hope you all stay healthy and keep producing great arts.
God bless you all. He loves us.

All d' best
- Mimi N

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May Feature

Journal Entry: Fri May 18, 2012, 10:31 PM

Thank you very much for Felutiahime !

When I thought my premium membership ended, Felutiahime kindly donates me ^_^ so happy! Thank you so much! I'll have to draw her a pic when I'm finished with my business!

Also it's been a big news that we can change our username now due to the premium membership. Well I plan to change but I don't know what to be, since if I do that maybe people won't recognize me ^^;

Feature Session!

May feature is closed.
This feature will be held from May 18th till June 18th.

1. :iconfelutiahime: :thumb299288706: :thumb277413705:
2. :iconisacchi: CL : Echilla Gunawan by isacchi -hanairo.fireflies. by isacchi
3. :iconshukugumo: Ultra Ashlee by shukugumo Phoenix in The Morning Light by shukugumo
4.  :iconkurosakisasori-kun: :: Bond between us :: by KurosakiSasori-kun Tiffanny by KurosakiSasori-kun
5. :iconnursury0: Chibi Pete by nursury0 Hi There by nursury0
6. :iconrosync: :thumb302084987: :thumb298705087:
7. :iconinnervalue: Zlyn and Zeronos by Innervalue Alay by Innervalue
8. :iconraquach: .Free. by Raquach :thumb277423290:
9. :iconkitsunerenachan: [ Contest entry ] Mikomi vs. Reina by KitsuneRenaChan [ Contest entry ] Mermaid Mel by KitsuneRenaChan
10. :iconshouu-kun: UsUk2 by shouu-kun
11. :iconizark1369: CR: The Priestess of Dragon Lord by Izark1369 CR Stage 1 -Activating Canvas- by Izark1369
12. :iconhuuni: Psychosis by Huuni
13. :iconweeverwolf: [Trade] Brynn for o0demonwolf0o by WeeverWolf

Mature Content

In the Moonlight by WeeverWolf

14. :icondopaprime: - The Ice Sculptor - by Dopaprime :thumb299953056:
15. :iconkucingila: MM: Shadow Party by Kucingila CR: Streetlights on Christmas Eve by Kucingila
16. :iconridekasama: Mission 1: Box-A-Babu by ridekasama Nieve by ridekasama
17. :iconyuuike:
18. :iconnanjung110: HBD Bunga! by Nanjung110 Pottermore! by Nanjung110
19. :iconkenfan0206: Skyboarding by kenfan0206 Stare by kenfan0206
20. :iconreneedelagee: Fennec Fox by ReneeDeLaGee Miiyukichan Contest Entry by ReneeDeLaGee
21. :iconrenaai: Identical but Different by RenaAi La Luna by RenaAi
They're so adorable :heart: this is why I love deviantArt!
See you next month! ^_^/

My current condition

I was just back from West Java due to some business. This results to my work's being suspended, but it's allright.
So far my works are even getting more and more rather than being less :rofl:
but it's still fun ;) I just hope my clients don't get angry >.<
Commissions won't open till I finish my hiatus commission(s) probably I'll open in July-August. Thank you so much! :D

God bless you all. He loves us.

All d' best
- Mimi N

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A funny story behind the 2nd DD + Update

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 29, 2012, 2:19 AM


I am speechless.
Yeah of course, Daily Deviation is just a feature, not some kind of special awards. But to get it the 2nd time is truly one of the best gift I've ever had. Call me naive ahaha.

Firstly, let me say special thanks to flouvl and Miss-It-Girl for featuring me :D
Secondly, thank you, really thank you so much for all who has commented, faved, watched, gave llamas (even one deviant gave me points) and last but not least, the critiques you gave me. Yes I've read all of them, but it'll take time for me to reply all your comments. Please be patient >_<"

Once again, thank you so much. I love you, deviantart.
EDIT: I tried to visit all people who watched me, but I must admit I gave up. I'm really sorry guys, if you want to be watched back you can note me personally.

Now I wanna share a story. This story contains some narcissism and may be riddiculous.
But it's not a rant. Just a story. Haha.

So.. a day before my 2nd DD (means two days before) my (not close) friend got a DD. One week before, my other friend also got a DD. This got me wondering , reminding me of my first DD.

Yeah, the 1st DD is a b/w pic.
WI 3rd Anniversary by futarinokizuna
All this time, I focused to work both on b/w arts and colour arts. Comics also.
Can you imagine how greedy I am? hahaha
Right now I have my time focused on comics, I almost abandoned b/w arts (but of course I make comic thus automatically I practiced in b/w arts too) and colouring is, well..

This is the main point. Colouring spends so many times of mine.
Two of my friends that got a DD, both are coloured arts. Both are very awesome. But I bet they do them more effectively than me.
I was thinking, why not lessen my effort then?
B/w arts only takes me about 6-8hours, maximum it can take 12hours if it's so detailed (like the commission I do right now)
Yeah, refining takes time very much, TOO MUCH. You can say, I can do the rough colours and linearts for 4hours and refining (trial and error) can take 4-5times of that. And of course I can't do that for now. Even my latest art "Numb" , it took a week to finish eventhough when I count the time at the recorded movie, it only takes 4,5hours from scratch to finish.

In other words, I started slacking off.
Oh yeah that's not good , of course. I must admit it.
Not to mention I have many b/w and comic projects and hardly touch tablet anymore. And not that I wanna say this, I have a health issue that only allow me to be on PC for 6hours max a day.
Slacking off is the very first step of giving up to grow. It's scary but we often don't realize it.
Why I said this is riddiculous? For a hobbyist and idealism artists, this is no big deal. I'll be laughed at because thinking timing is important (like in my journal 3years ago, I laughed at person artists who often said "done in xx hours blabla on the description") but for professional, it's a crucial matter.

And then the next day, I got the 2nd DD.
If I have to inform you, that art is the first time I learned a thing called "patience" and "dedicacy". Though the composition is messy, it's a part that I slacked that time
That art, is the SECOND longest hours I've spend to create. It's in order to win the contest that time. The first longest one is the one named "The Peace", it's done in more than 20hours..

Guys, like HIMYM said, The Universe always has plans for us.
He will poke you, whether it's a small poke or a large tackle.
People will see me archieving DD as a gift, but for me, it's more like a warning.

"Don't you dare to slack off. You won't go anywhere, or maybe you'll regress and sunk deep like some artists did."
"Many people works harder than you and how dare you think like that ?"
"Always give your best on everything, or else I won't give you any chance again."

I am serious, I feel like being told those things.
This is maybe just a small issue, compared to other problems you may have in life.
But if you think it's riddiculous, at least I just want to tell you:
Universe always has plans for you. Don't give up."

Commission still in hiatus

I'm sorry I've told you that commission will be opened in April. Unfortunately, due to some business my schedule is wrecked. I want to finish my current project ASAP but I can't. Not to mention I'll have to prepare for some local conventions.

For that I'm sorry for people whom I promised I'll open it. I hope you still want to stay tuned for the info. I'm really touched some of you noted me about it, really. But I can't do it when I don't know whether I can took the responsibility or not, so it won't open for now.

And for my other 2 commissioners, I really thank you for the understanding. I'm doing yours right now, though it may take a long time.
I'll open in June / July. Thank you ^^

Thanks for your love.

I can say this manyy times. I opened dA 2 - 3 days once and sometimes I can't reply you one by one, but I'm happy you all love my arts. Thank you very much! :D

My current condition

It's far better. I can sleep for now, but it takes 2-3hours after the lamp went off before I go to dreamland.
Right now, I'm searching for a song that as epic as the song I've heard right now "The Inner Universe". Please recommend me some songs that is similar like this ><"
Don't have time to watch new anime. But I set my eyes on Eureka 7 Ao already.

God bless you all. He loves us.

All d' best
- Mimi N

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World Inverse FB page is available + some updates!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 29, 2012, 11:58 PM

Join and Spread the LINK!


If you like World Inverse, you can join and share the link to your friends. This page is created for info-gathering and archieve purpose, those who wants to be updated for fanarts, chapter releasing info, printed book release info etc are available there :D

Also, WI new chapter is up! Inv 5 at…
Sorry it's still indonesian. English version is still translated at

World Inverse Printed Book in English will be available!

Stay tuned for the news! I'm still looking for shipping fee's information. May someone help me?

Commission will be opened in April

After I managed a bit of my works and finish the waiting list, I'll open the regular commission again :)

Some little update

Hey there! It's been forever I don't update this journal for personal stuffs. Real life things do happen, nowadays I'm not too active as before in DA, coz I 'm always mobile and dA sucks for me to communicate outside my accounts. There fore I hardly can give comments. I'm really sorry for being such an inactive watcher..

Lastly, thank you very much!

For being my friends, watchers, like my arts, commenting, all the critiques, all your supports. I'm nothing without you ^^ especially for some people who kindly often asked me about my condition and stuffs :hug:

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World Inverse Online Order is opened!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 15, 2012, 10:41 PM


Preorder has been closed! Thank you everyone ^_^//
Order online tetap terbuka sampai tanggal 25juni 2012 :D
Akan dijual di event Popcon ASIA 2012 tgl 27 juni 2012 - 1juli 2012 dan GJUI tanggal 15-16juli 2012

:bulletorange:Author: Mimi N / 33-3
:bulletorange:Rate: R-13
:bulletorange:Genre: dark, mystery, apocalypse
:bulletorange:Spec: A5 HVS size b/w 52pages + cover
:bulletorange: Synopsis: Tersebutlah satu jaman dimana manusia memiliki suatu talenta bernama "SIER". Dengan "bakat ajaib" ini, manusia bisa membangkitkan yang mati, menghentikan bencana alam, menciptakan banyak hal, menyembuhkan penyakit apapun dan banyak lagi. Suatu dunia dimana manusia seperti Tuhan dan mereka menyangka dunia akan damai selamanya, sampai pada suatu hari, satu kota dan penduduknya lenyap secara misterius…

:bulletorange:Harga: IDR 20.000
(BELUM termasuk ongkos kirim)
:bulletorange:Bonus: 1 bookmark of your choice


:bulletpink:IMPORTANT NOTE:bulletpink:

- PREORDER akan dibuka dari tanggal 26 mei 2012 sampai 3 juni 2012, preorder dapat ditutup sewaktu-waktu apabila slot penuh.
- Versi ini masih sama dengan yang Hellofest.
- Order online akan terus buka sampai GJUI (15-16juli 2012) kecuali stok habis.
- Untuk mereka yang berniat mengambil barangnya di event Popcon ASIA 2012 (27juni – 1juli) dan event GJUI (15-16juli 2012) tidak akan dikenakan ongkos kirim, NAMUN semua diharuskan MEMBAYAR DI MUKA.
- Bonus bookmark hanya berlaku pada masa preorder.
- Pengiriman dilakukan via POS / TIKI / JNE
- Pengiriman preorder maupun order online akan dilakukan serentak dari rentang tanggal 14-18juli 2012. Kenapa lama banget ngirimnya? Nantikan berita selanjutnya dua minggu mendatang ;)

:sun:Apabila ingin memesan, bisa langsung note saya dengan judul "PREORDER" dan form ini:
- Nama :
- Alamat Lengkap : (dari alamat, kabupaten, kota, propinsi, kode pos.)
- Jumlah barang :
- Tipe pembayaran :
- Dikirim / via event:

Thank you for your attention and supports all these time :D
All d' best
- Mimi N


My indie comic, World Inverse vol 0 - THE PEACE is open for online shipping!

:bulletorange:Author: Mimi N / 33-3
:bulletorange:Rate: R-13
:bulletorange:Genre: dark, mystery, apocalypse
:bulletorange:Spec: A5 HVS size b/w 52pages + cover
:bulletorange: Synopsis: It is an age which humans have magic-like talents on their selves named SIER. Thanks to it, humans can resurrect the deads who killed, overcome natural disasters, creating something from nothing and many more. Those kinds of miracles are already common for them, and thus what they call "peace" is archieved. But there comes a time when town and its folks are disappearing mysteriously, shaking the world bit by bit…

PRICE : 13 USD (shipping fee not included)
Payment: paypal
This preorder session will be opened until July 20th 2012

If you're interested, please note me with title "PREORDER" and fill out this form:
- Name :
- Email / paypal :
- Full Address : (adress, city,country, postal code etc)
- Total of book :

I need information for shipping agent since I haven't shipped anything before >.<"
Thank you very much for your attention! :D

All d' best
- Mimi N

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Some announcement -- World Inverse

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 1, 2012, 8:00 PM


If you love World Inverse and wanna support it , you can vote for it here

Just click the link and vote.
In case, just vote if you want to do it.


World Inverse English version will be updated again! It'll begin with chapter 4: Inv 2. This time it'll be 1page per 2days ^^ you can read it here

I'll have to make a personal website for WI. The problem is, not enough time for that lol
Thank you for all your support! I need your help to spread the words to your friend about this comic :)
As for Indonesian version, you'll have to wait for a while till Hellofest tho. I can't work on Inv 5 until February >___<


World Inverse : The Prologue is decided to be sold on Hellofest!
There'll be a preorder version for it too, don't miss it!
I'll make a further announcement when the preorder is ready.
Thank you so much for your attention, and good day!

All d' best
- Mimi N
Eh- how to make journal as deviation anyway? There's a pic and such-- I'm such a klutz.

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Wish this year a Happy New Year!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 31, 2011, 9:50 PM

Happy New Year 2012!

May this year have another peace, health and all the best with us, and we're all getting better in our own aspects. and hopefully not the apocalypse I don't wanna die before I'm healthy again The dreams that haven't come true, may it come true this year. Those who have bad year last year, hope this year prepare a great year for you! :D Last and not least, may God be with us always :)

Thank you so much!!

for the watches, favs, comments, replies, your love, anything! :heart:
I don't expect the last two pics will be loved by so many ppl. I hope I can make better and better for the future!
Thanks for the support on my comic too! I definetely will try my best to make a better plot in the future!
And thanks for being my friends, everyone. Without you my life is dull.

As for my resolutions...

:bulletpink: I want to be fully healthy this year if possible. Dammit I wanna play! Wanna work! <subWanna eat beef lol</sub> I just wanna live like an ordinary person that's all.
:bulletpink: I want to be better! Especially in art, not just skills, but concepts and creativity as well. Of course, in comic too, storytellings,panneling, angle, proportion, consistency etc. I want to be as great as dA artists I admire yuumei myhilary shilin JonasDeRo hgjart :devredjuice666: Namie-kun , the comic author Jun Mochizuki, Naoki Urasawa, Kinoko Nasu and everyone I-don't-remember-the-username-but-I-admire-them!! :
:bulletpink: I want to be better as a person too. Hopefully I can make more new good friends :D I don't want to be bad people. Heck, I'm sure no one from us wanna to be one, but sometimes we don't realize that we have turned into one. Be careful >.<
:bulletpink: I want to start making a living from my commissions. I don't know if I can do that this month, but I definetely will try it at least in March.
:bulletpink: Another more chapters on World Inverse, and hopefully it gains more love. Can't be happier than seeing my own characters loved by many people :D Hope I can have a good sell on WI too, but it's not that important
:bulletpink: Not resolutions, more like a wish for my friends/people that are in difficult conditions right now, may they don't give up and have a better year.
:bulletpink: Last and not least, THROW AWAY MY LAZINESS and HAVE MORE PATIENCE!!

Promotion mode

World Inverse in Indonesian is available for 6chapters, you can read it in Indonesian language from ch1 (Inv -1) till ch 6 (Inv 4) here…
If you want the download version, you can note me , I'll give you the download link :)
For English version it's 3 chapters so far, I'm still translating and hopefully it'll contionue again in February with speed 1page/day :D

I'll open the feature 3days later. Prepare your best works!

Let's get back to work, shall we?

Time won't wait for us, we have to use it as efficient as we can! Resolutions are made, wishs has been said, now let's aim for our archievement this year! Goodbye 2011 and welcome 2012!

All d' best
- Mimi N

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And the winner is...

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 6, 2011, 1:35 AM

Mini Contest

Killer's school days by Addigni
:heart::heart: !! XD

you know, it's very hard to pick the winner out of the 16 entries. Really, I don't say lies here and I love how you all interprented my charas. Especially for those reading the manga and know the true nature of "Livt". But I'd say this pic is really cute (d'aww especially Rye) :love:

Thank you for participating my contest! I'm really happy!!
This is the feature of all entries, enjoy!

The Ribbon Witch by Sicarina Rye-World Inverse- by nastardch The Destroyer by Rvinguard
LIVT. Kinda... by Haleyon WI Mini Contest by sonic-boom98 LIvt in HIghschool by windfle
Charima Livt by MiraBlack MiniCon: WI--deadly dance by Kira-Ayaka -WI Contest- Can't you say THANK YOU? by Soniafanz
Mini Contest : Livt Phone Strap by SasuIsGay Futarinokizuna's Contest by Kaiko-and-Gilbert Mini Contest: Livt -To the World's End- by Kucingila:thumb272633659:

Now all's left is my official WI contest and it's still rambling!! you can see the info here…? :D

All d' best
- Mimi N

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Best Birthday Ever.

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 24, 2011, 4:33 AM

22 October 2011

These last 2 days has been the best days. I mean -- well everyday I live on is the best, but this is really the best of the best. Too much good things happen so that I can't remember one by one of them ^^ there're annoying and stressful things as well but rants off today

First of all, my birthday. I'm kinda of happy if people care about me, that's why this event really make me so happy. So many people congrats me, wishing for the best (especially for my comic World Inverse) etc.  I really thank you all, really!! Especially for :
:iconrinota: :iconlightning-spirit: :iconshukugumo: :iconcouncilor: :iconyamatonadeshiko:
for giving me gift arts and presents on my birthday. (I'm sure there're more though)

Secondly, I must thank God for all the blesses He gave me these two last days. So much, so much that I can't handle all of them , many great friends, job offers, the peace, peaceful family etc. Sometimes at time like this, I often did a self-reflecting, you know... there were times I felt I'm not needed, and such a shame of me when this is happened, how ungrateful I am. That's why folks, if you felt today God doesn't hear you, He does! But He is preparing "your wish" to come true, it's not like He can go "viola! this is what you want !!" out of nowhere (while yes He can , we talk about God here) but He already has plan for that.

Don't despair. If you think you can't go further, take a little rest and go on again. Life is beautiful because there's "up" and "down".
Sorry for sounding like an annoying old woman there >_<

When I thought I won't get it ..

My friend messaged me this afternoon and I'm like aseGAESGHAWEGASH.
Really thank you for : MaddalinaMocanu and kit-y featuring me today.
And what I didn't expect is, this… is the one who got it. The WI 3rd anniversary pic... blessed you, World Inverse, Livt and Rye. You are so blessed. Got many wishes , congrats and especially -- birthday gift from DA as well! I really thank you all for this!!
With this, one of my new year wish has been come true. No, I think, this whole year is my new year's wish coming true !!
I'm really, really glad.

Yeah, thank you too for the badge, the llama, the faves, the watches, the comments (especially birthday's) all of you!! I really love you all ^_^

By the way, who's coming to AFA 2011 ?

Because I think I'll be coming this year :D I hope we can meet there ^^
Further details will be explained one or two weeks later.

Did you know ?

Many of us humans, are being a good people when we want people to hear us.
But in fact, little of us are a good listener.


Sorry for all the lateness.
The real commission status is still in hiatus, meaning you can order and pay in advance, but I can't guarantee the deadline eventhough it'll be finished by no means. The advantage is, you can still order with the previous price, since when I open the status, the price will go higher.

You can check the price on…
Further notice will be made.

All d' best
- Mimi N

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Tiny Feature

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 6, 2011, 7:26 PM

Let's open a feature !

:bulletpink: The first 20 person comments on this journal will get featured on the frontpage with the title "Tiny feature" :D
:bulletpink: One thumbnail per person please :heart:
:bulletpink: all but literature or WIPs :)
:bulletpink: now then, let us begin !!


My indie comic, World Inverse, soon will have Inv 4 launched on website soon! Stay tuned for the actual trailer and soon there'll also be a group for World Inverse too !

I'm kinda sick right now ^^;
And I'm kinda losing confidence a bit. Just a bit though, on both my art and storytelling skill. You know, I think I began to understand what comic creator is to be. You have to endure all those critique, true or untrue, with your comic going on and not lose faith on yourself. So get over it man, these confidence things are useless when you die, right? :D
And so my short rants :D I'm really thankful for all the faves, watches, comments, all your love!


Nothing is great all over from beginning. Don't think " wanna become like A", but "I wanna to surprass A", because you can't become A, you can only become yourself.


Sorry for all the lateness.
The real commission status is still in hiatus, meaning you can order and pay in advance, but I can't guarantee the deadline eventhough it'll be finished by no means. The advantage is, you can still order with the previous price, since when I open the status, the price will go higher.

You can check the price on…
Further notice will be made.

All d' best
- Mimi N

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Sketch commission closed.

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 8, 2011, 3:59 AM


The real commission status is still in hiatus, meaning you can order and pay in advance, but I can't guarantee the deadline eventhough it'll be finished by no means. The advantage is, you can still order with the previous price, since when I open the status, the price will go higher.

You can check the price on…
Further notice will be made.

All d' best
- Mimi N


:nieman: First off, paying points/dollars/subs without notice will be considered as donations
:liquify: NOTE me with the title 'COMMISSION' and fill commissioner form BELOW!
:nieman:PLEASE do not rush me please understand that I have health issues, except you need it fast.
:liquify: After I accept your commission request, please pay in advance at least 50% of the payment before I start  and pay the rest after you confirm the sketch, or you can pay me 100% of the payment in advance. It's up to you but I will always require payment in advance ^^
:nieman:I have the copyrights of the arts to put them as my portfolio in galleries, blogs and websites as the characters are copyrighted by their respective owners, and I will ad watermarks on my arts
:liquify: If you want to have major revision, say it on the sketch phase, I only accept minor revision on the finished phase.
:nieman: you may not use my arts for commercial use.
:liquify:I will give you the 300-dpi art.
:nieman: NO REFUND Please be careful and think it carefully before you commish me.
:liquify: Once I confirm your request and receive advance payment, I'll add you to commissioner list and keep updating your commission status.

You'll have to pay in advance once we come to agreement.


:bulletpink: Name :
:bulletpink: Email / paypal acc :
:bulletpink: Type of sketch (fullbody/headshot)
:bulletpink: Characters :
:bulletpink: Description :
:bulletpink: Way of Payment :


Reference: Photobucket
1 chara -> 3USD / 15k IDR / 240 :points:
add chara +1 USD

Reference: Photobucket
1chara -> 6USD / 40k IDR / 450 :points:
add chara + 1.5 USD


1. Paypal (
2. DeviantArt Points
3. Local : Bank BCA / Mandiri / BNI


Comment here with your contest/commission banner and journal link.
In change of that, I'd like you to feature my contest and commission as well, if you can ^^ the link info is on…

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World Inverse CONTEST is CLOSED.

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 21, 2011, 9:09 PM


LOL as I predicted, the total entry doesn't make up till 15. But do not worry! I'll send 150:points: for the entries right away.

Thus I announced this contest has been CANCELLED.

Lastly thank you for all your supports and great wishes towards WI! ^_^v eventhough the contest has not many participants, partially it's my fault because I lack updates and promotions around sites but I'm very happy to accept all those entries! Nothing made my day but when I saw my characters are drawn by other artists :D

I'll continue to be better in the future ^_^

All d' best
- Mimi N -


:sun: Time for a contest!! :sun:
(Please read carefully or else you can be eliminated.)


Wars are games.
Killing is a bliss.
Destroying is really fun.
All because of SIER.

The world systems and moralities become distorted when humans become well-known with miracles. However, two people known as terrorists, Charima Livt and Rye Verarldy declared on 2873's New Year Eve :

This year will be the last year of yours, humans. Be prepared.


Livt and Rye are coming to your town! Potray what they will do. Will Livt destroy it? Will Rye kill you/your OCs? Will you/your OCs proctecting the city from them? or maybe they are just passing while enjoy your city's festival?
IMPORTANT NOTICE : Livt and Rye don't always destroy every towns they visit and killing people they meet. Livt destroys it whenever she feels like it and Rye only kill some certain people. For the details you can read the character description


Click the thumbnail for the description.

:bulletpink: Rye Verarldy:bulletpink:
WI: The Killer by futarinokizuna

:bulletblue: Charima Livt:bulletblue:
WI: The Ribbon Witch by futarinokizuna


:bulletpink:Starting: August 22nd, 2011:bulletpink:
:bulletpink:Deadline: March 22, 2012 11:59:59AM GST:bulletpink:
:bulletpink:Entry Limit: 2 entries per deviant however only can win with 1entry:bulletpink:
:bulletpink:Media: Traditional/Digital (manga/anime style) No Animations, Photographies, Photomanipulations, Literature, Emoticons etc.:bulletpink:
:bulletblue:You can send me a note with your finished entry OR you can comment with the link on this journal:bulletblue:


If you make them Out of Character, Out of Theme or changing their clothes design, you'll be ELIMINATED right away.

:bulletblue:Collaborations are not allowed:bulletblue:
:bulletblue:The work is only for contest and any entries MADE before Aug 22nd will be ELIMINATED:bulletblue:
:bulletblue:Submit the finished entries please, b/w is welcomed but NO SKETCHES AND LINEARTS
. Coloured entries have a plus point.:bulletblue:
:bulletblue:soft GORE and ECCHI is allowed, but no YURI please They may be females but for one's sake, potray them as friends is just okay, isn't it? Also, no racism and anything beyond mature contents.:bulletblue:
:bulletblue:No tracing!:bulletblue:
:bulletblue:Be creative !  Just make sure don't make them out of characters and theme.:bulletblue:


1st  ---  1000 :points: , feature on my journal , 1 coloured art of your choice like…
2nd ---  500 :points:, feature on my journal, 1 detailed b/w art of your choice like…
3nd ---  250 :points: , feature on my journal , 1 lineart oc your choice like
And last but not least, 5 honorable mentions will get a 100:points: !

Additional and donating prizes are very welcomed :hug:
(Prizes may go higher if the entries number is up to 50)


The judge will be
If you want to be a judge, you're welcome, however you are not allowed to join the contest.

:bulletpink:Emotional Impact 40% (yes this can be subjective):bulletpink:
:bulletpink:Creativity and techinique 30%:bulletpink:
:bulletpink:Essence of the characters and theme 30%:bulletpink:

:bulletblue: 6 best will be decided by YOU , means it'll be voted by commenting on my journal later.:bulletblue:
:bulletblue:HOWEVER!! You can spread the news about the voting, BUT. PLEASE. DO. NOT. SAY. "Please vote my art blahblah." Be careful, I'm very good at stalking, not only your DA account but can be your other accounts as well! Saying/writing those phrase will cause you be eliminated and I have no prizes for you, no matter how good you are! Be respective and fair to others, dude! :bulletblue:


You can learn about them more by reading the comic:
:bulletpink: Inv -1 until Inv 1:bulletpink: 2 (Indo only) :bulletpink:…: Inv 3 (Indo only) :bulletpink:…

Questions can be sent by notes or comments :D

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I thank Tachy-on for giving me subs, however blahblah with the CSS codes, I will screw with them later =_="


(okay I don't remember all those emoticon to make it more festive but oh well)

Maybe it sounded very riddiculous that I celebrate a comic series, but World Inverse has so many meanings for me, which is
1. My art development
2. My storytelling development
3. My loving towards character
4. My development as a human

And thus I announce:


...with the details, of course.

Oh, haven't known about World Inverse? You can read it on this

And I have gift art RIGHT AWAY!!
Crossover of 3 worlds by Councilor

This year's anniversary is the best...

Good day guys!!
All d' best,

-Mimi N

Comm: Entangled Butterflies by futarinokizuna:thumb252084441: CR - Last Stage : Outbreak by bobil Frozen Sakura by Lightning-Spirit moogle mania by reiashford Lone Wolf Daylight by Intelman
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I love you all.

Thu Jun 30, 2011, 7:38 PM





You can order the commission, but note that I can't guarantee when it'll done. But it WILL be done.


Comm: Entangled Butterflies by futarinokizuna:thumb252084441: CR - Last Stage : Outbreak by bobil Frozen Sakura by Lightning-Spirit moogle mania by reiashford Lone Wolf Daylight by Intelman

Just wanna say thank you for all the love-s and I love you all.
We might be only friends in internet world only, but I hope we can be real friends some times later.

I still remember how I had some issues with DA's friends to the state I was so furious and think I'm gonna hate him till I die. But right now, I feel like we can be friends again. Yeah, time will change, eventhough it's sometimes sad there're ones who used to be my friends and now they start leaving me as well. Make me questioned if there's something called eternity, does it really exist? ^^;

But even after all the social problems I've been through, I must say I'm grateful to have some varied feelings. Learn how to be more adult (oops someone hates this word) I used to be a spoiled, hikkikomori child who only knows how to go emo emo emo emo emo emo and emo. LOL still being emo but not as much as yesterday. Emo and God will be annoyed and take the bless I have from me ^^; I have to say I'm a lucky person, I believe some have family issues, love issues, economy issues etc. But please trust me that God has His own plan and I pray, I want you, who has some big difficulties to know, you're not alone.

That's because of YOU I've met that I've changed to be better person. I'm still not really that good, but I hope tomorrow can change me to be an even better person.

All d' best
- Mimi N


1. Inv 4 - Happy Last New Year 30%
2. Untitled Project 20%
3. ReSpirit 2 - Jasmine Candy 10%
4. Intelman gift art 10%
5. :devnekoenozu: Aug 28th contest 0%
6. RedRoninsVault Aug 29th 0%

Wanna be featured ? Give me one of your best pic's thumbnail and you'll be featured on the next journal :)
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Hi there! World Inverse Inv 1 is available at… Check it out! It's in English version, next chap will be in Indonesian though, it'll take some time to translate it to English ^^;

And I want to help promoting my friend's survey for college final assignment. Indonesian only though, please try to fil it ^^

Also, I'm sorry for being inactive nowadays, I am working on WI and my other project as a concept artist , also will be starting to work on another 2 projects later. I have stated this on commission info that I'm going on hiatus state, but I still accept commissions if you insist. I'm so sorry for aidmoon that I work on your commission so late, but I'm gonna finish it before March ends ><:

Thanks for all your attention, your faving to my arts, watching my account , llamas etc. I can't reply on them one on one ><"

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Good Day, friends. Mimi is here :D ... okay not here, I am out of the city right now, so I am just updating a little ^^;
Another end of year eh? I am like World Inverse just had its 2nd anniversary yesterday, and now it's New Year already.

As for the wishlist :

- Be healthy and peace for my environment.
- All the best for family and friends :)
- Be more professional comic author (especially World Inverse)
- Have more 'Stay Fans' of World Inverse.
- 'Semut Wars' project can go on.
- Be a more proper illustrator

And last but not the least: be a better person :D


Contest LIST
:iconremoteangelclub:… Feb 28
:iconnaechtliche:… Feb 28
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Tagged by :icondomdozz:
(After a while I thought you aren't active... you came with a tag. lol)

Now I will have my OC : Rye from World Inverse :D


Name : Rye Verarldy

Birth : August 21

Eye color: Pink / Magenta

Hair color: White

Height: 130-140 cm

Weight: uh. 30 kg?

Tattoos: none

Girl/boyfriend currently : there was one but spoiler.

Overuse phrase: "go away." (lol)


Food : Anything

Candy : ...

Number : 0

Color : Black

Animal : none

Drink : anything

Alcoholic drink : none

Letters : none

Body part of opposite sex : none -_-


Pepsi or Coke: what...?

McDonalds or Burger King: ...?

Strawberry or Watermelon: ...

Hot tea or Iced tea: Hot.

Chocolate or Vanilla: ...choco.

Hot Chocolate or Coffee: ...choco.

Kiss or Hug: -_-

Dog or Cat: .. better kill them.

Rap or Punk: ...

Summer or Winter: winter.

Sad Movies or Funny Movies: no.

Love or Money: ...Love


Bed time : .

Most Missed Memory: anything about "her".

Best physical feature: none.

First Thought Waking Up: I will kill her.

Goal for this year: ...

Best Friends: ..none.

Weakness: ...

Fears : violins.

Heritage: ...

Longest relationship: none


Ever Drank: No

Ever Smoked: No

Ever been Drunk: No

Ever been beaten up : ...

Ever beaten someone up : No

Ever Shoplifted: No

Ever Skinny Dipped: ...

Ever Kissed Opposite sex: ...yes.

Ever Kissed Same Sex: No!!

Been Dumped Lately : yes.


Favorite Eye Color : light blue.

Favorite Hair Color : none

Short or Long : ...

Height : ...

Style: ...

Looks or Personality: ...personality.

Hot or Cute: ...

Drugs and Alcohol: No

Muscular or Really Skinny: ...

(..what the heck are these questions?)


Number of Regrets in the Past: a lot.

What country/world do you want to visit: ..

How do you want to die: anything will do.

Been to the Mall Lately: ...huh?

Do you like Thunderstorms:

Get along with your Parents: ...don't have one.

Do you think you're attractive: ..if not that's ok.

Want to go to college: ..?

Do you smoke: -_-

Do you drink: No...(I'm bored with these questions)

Shower daily: not really.

Been in love: ...yes.

Do you sing: ...

Want to get married: ...I wish I could.

Do you want children: ...

Hate anyone: yes.

(though the answers seemed boring, when I imagined her expression, it's really priceless XD)

I tag...uhm whoever wanna do this with her/his OCs ^^;
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Last night I was introduced by my FB friend, Touhou's PV Bad Apple. Thanks to that, I'm feeling much, much better, the song is really addictive, the PV is really awesome 3D vid, the character designs are superb, especially when I searched the gameplay on Youtube and I'm like "WTF is that game?!" the bullet hell games, yet I admire the game developer for being able creating such brilliant game yet his original artworks is...crap. The bullets are so beautiful yet deadly, sadly I can't play games like that. It's HELL.

And after that, I'm thinking, interesting things on this world is never ended. I still remembered the time I was obsessed on Inuyasha very much and I kept thinking there won't be any anime replacing it. But later, I know shakugan no shana, and then Soul Eater, the day I was obssesed with them I was thinking I won't have another anime keep me interested like that time. But for the truth, I've known so much other than those (Pandora Hearts, FMA, Suzumiya Haruhi, Spice and Wolf) and so with the games and comics too.

Who knows I'll know something more interesting on my life someday? Bad and negative things may enter my mind so easily, but it doesn't mean there's no positive and interesting things that can balance it. I can change, you can change, everyone can change to someone better than yesterday.

Thank you for those who cheered me up :hug: maybe I still can't trust friends like before I do, but I hope we can be more honest each other.

Onwards to World Inverse (Inv) 1 ! ^_^
Also good luck to SW team! :)


Sorry, one month has passed since my last journal and what you hear here is a rant. Honestly if I can tick off this so it won't notice you, I wanna do that. But sadly I can't (or I don't know) Updating old journal is a bad idea because I can't choose what journal to edit.

I have chapter 3 of World Inverse in progress. But besides that, I have so many things to think of. So yeah, it's not the only thing that entered my 'negative' mind right now.

Ah yea these are rants and I suggest you don't read it. And you'll start thinking "Why the hell did you write journal and tell people not to read it?" Because I have no where, no place to tell this.

Not my families. When I start sharing they will blahblah and I ended up more confused -_-
not my friends. why? You'll know later.
not FACEBOOK. because it's too dangerous.
maybe some friends will be annoyed, or sad etc. Which is now, only now, I don't really care.

Say I'm weak-minded or whatsoever, because yeah, I'm a HUMAN and I'm weak right now :rofl: I have chatted with some "trusted" friends about this, but still I feel like I have to write about them, or else I can't settle these feelings of mine. Why do I have to settle this? Things got dangerous last night and my parents started to notice my strange behaviour, and I did my job recklessly which almost made us lost a big sum of money (lol I won't tell you what job it is but just imagine it) and I realized I can't take this anymore.

So umm..where to start.
This is just riddiculous problems I have if compared of your problems on real life.

I start losing my confidence. Of what? Of friends. I mean -- do you know now I'm on theraphy? I rarely go out from home and I can only talk via chats. At first I think it's okay. Lately, I start to discover some friends are lying to me. I won't point who is s/he / them, since if you, my friends reading this and you feel like that, then you're it. Why lying to me? I mean, your words to me and your act in real life is so different and I can't stop thinking why the hell you can be like that. Is it human's way to hide their true feelings? If so, then which is the true one? Which one I can trust? For chatting friends, there's no exception either. Your words to me and to the others are different.

Is it to tell you that you shouldn't be like that? Meh, as if. You have your freedom of speech and you can do as you like, like you have me write this journal and you can't say "You can't write this!" to me. But it does tell me: you start not to be my friend and you start to make me confused who the hell are you really anyway? Especially chatting friends. If you don't want me to disturb you then SAY SO. I really appreciate people which when I poke him/her, s/he will say "not now, I am busy / something like that" to me.

Consclusion: I like my friends, but do they like me? Maybe they will say yes, but according to the previous paragraph maybe it'll take time for me to trust them. And then I realized, I'm lonely.

As for the second problem.

It's about my friend's project, which I am in but I'm only doing a little for it. I think they are on a pinch right now, which makes them stressed. And I can't help anything other than telling "Good luck" or "All the best" lol so cliched. So riddiculous. I ended up sad. I feel helpless and when I came yesterday, I feel like I only distract more. But if I don't come, I don't know anything. It's a dilemma. I can't help but thinking so many things to at least, giving solutions to the problems right now. Some of my relatives do offer some help, but it's a REALLY big matter that I should think carefully even before I tell anyone and I can only said 'no' because I think it will make another problems. Problems because it'll talk about money and it's not a small amount. So yeah, can't help anything. I think I shouldn't tell this on journal because I know someone will read this but I feel like if I didn't write this, it would trigger my disease, lol.

The third. I start questioning what the hell my life for. When will I be healthy? But it's not important anyway.
Okay that's it.

I won't write further than this. I think I can't. I will save another problems for me to think and I hope I will be more careful now that I write some of them. Last night was really dangerous and it has started from 1weeks ago, according to my parents. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. I hope I can throw this deppression away today.

At least I am still trying to be honest.
I don't know about you guys.

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First of all, thank you for your comments , favs , watches , donations , gift arts etc! They make me alive in DA until now! XD

World Inverse chapter 2 can be read now!

LOCAL server -…

In case if you haven't read the first chapter, you can find it on the same Smackjeeves site XD

and if you want, please promote World Inverse link on your journal, it really helps when you promote it and your friends read it.

thank you for your comments so far! *bows down* I will try to make the next chapter as best as I can due to your comments and critiques. I'm really happy with your humble and honest opinions. No need to worry about my feelings! :D


I haven't updated journal for 1..2month? lol

I've had a bad mood recently because I can't make chapter 3's draft on time -_-"  I also apologize for the late commissions too T_T agh what's wrong with me really. I can make a long journal about my rants now :rofl: but I think I will do this later :( because I know you, my friends have a lot bigger problems which can't be compared with my lowly useless rants *sigh*

Keep making arts! Good luck and wish me luck!


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