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Mimi N
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Welcome to my deviantart :D

:new:UPDATE 16.06.14:new:

:bulletpink:I start to be more active in commissions right now, while preparing for AFAID 2014 and many more. I really appreciate your waiting and I'll do my best to meet your expectation!

:bulletpink: Although I tell you there are do's and don't's, please feel free to ask me for commissions you want me to do. If I think I am able to do it, then I'll tell you (the price will be higher than ordinary though)

:bulletpink:With this update, I also announce some updates on the price, please check them out (especially BG detailed colour mode).

The Commissioner LIST
(FB commission) colour BG mode 100%
:iconxskylightx: colour BG mode 90%
:iconlunalockheart: colour BG mode 0% - PENDING
:iconcomigale: colour BG mode 0%

:iconjohnkaoin: group package 0%
:iconxxcoldwarrior: Character lineart 0%
(FB commission) character mode + simple BG 0%
:iconphoenixmirage: colour BG mode 0%
:icondivinusvento: colour BG mode 0%
:iconyukiichan7: group package mode 0%
:iconkyone-kuaci: simple BG mode 0%
(FB Andre Krishna commission) character mode + simple BG 0%

Once again I'm sorry the drawing progress is so slow.
I really thank you for loving and supporting my arts. All the views, the favs, all of the watchers, comments etc, they are so awesome!! I never expect I can walk this far, 2013 is such a productive year to me. I hope I can be more and more productive in 2014 and get better, especially commissions-- I hope I can draw them better too. Also my comic as well ^^

See you again in 2014! ^^

Please read the rules carefully before sending the note.

All d' best
- Mimi N


:bulletpink: First off, paying points/dollars/subs without notice will be considered as donations

:bulletpink: NOTE me with the title 'COMMISSION' and fill commissioner form BELOW!

:bulletpink:PLEASE do not RUSH me please note that I have health issues. I do two commissions monthly, can be more can't be less. Do take a look carefully on the progress list.

:bulletpink: After I accept your commission request, please pay in advance at least 50% of the payment after the rough sketch is confirmed  and pay the rest after it's finished, or you can pay me 100% of the payment in advance. It's up to you but I will always require payment in advance ^^

:bulletpink:I have the copyrights of the arts to put them as my portfolio in galleries, blogs and websites as the characters are copyrighted by their respective owners, and I will add watermarks on my arts

:bulletpink: If you want to have major revision, say it on the sketch phase.  I only accept minor revision on the finished phase. And if you want revises more than 4times...well I think I'm not the one you're looking for, sorry ^^;

:bulletpink: you may not use my arts for commercial use.

:bulletpink: NO REFUND Please think it carefully before you commish me. EXCEPT I feel I can't do your commission, I'll return your money for sure.

You'll have to pay in advance once we come to agreement.

DO's and DONT's

Pretty much can draw anything (as long as with references) except:

:bulletpink: yaoi / yuri / hentai (mild one will do)
:bulletpink: mechas and tokusatsus
:bulletpink: realism style
:bulletpink: monster creature
:bulletpink: comic page


:bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink:Max file resolution: B5 300DPI:bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink:
:bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink:More than 5charas will have discount. Discussed on note:bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink:

:sun:Character lineart:sun:
2characters - no background
:la:Add chara = +8$ / 700:points: /chara
:la: Detailed design = +5$ (discussed on note)
:la: Add simple BG = +5$

:bulletpink:waist up 17$ / 960:points::bulletpink:
FA: White Mirror by futarinokizunaComm: Bloody Rage by futarinokizuna

:bulletpink:medium shot / full body 25$ / 1900:points::bulletpink:
WI: 2nd Anniversary by futarinokizunaAT: Protecting You by futarinokizunaWI: Another Peaceful Day by futarinokizunaComm: Adam and Eve by futarinokizunaComm: Black Willow by futarinokizunaComm: I love you by futarinokizunaComm: Painful Distance by futarinokizunaComm: Friends or Foes by futarinokizunaComm: Plague by futarinokizuna

:sun:Victoria Style:sun:
medium shot / full body = 35$  - 2character - including simple BG
:la:Add chara = +8$ /chara
:la:Add tone = +10$
WI: Victoria by futarinokizunaWI: Uncovered Yui by futarinokizunaComm: Book and Scythe by futarinokizunaComm: Protect the Princess by futarinokizunaComm: Entangled Butterflies by futarinokizunaComm: Yin Yang Angels by futarinokizunaComm: Two Roses by futarinokizuna

:sun:Detailed Background:sun:
medium shot / full body 50$ - 1character including BG
Max 2 chara
:la:Add chara = +10$ /chara
Comm: The City by futarinokizunaWI 3rd Anniversary by futarinokizunaReSpirit 1-b by futarinokizunaComm: Nightmare Night by futarinokizunaGift: On Project by futarinokizunaDrown by futarinokizunaComm: City Skate by futarinokizunaComm: Valkyra in Ruins by futarinokizuna


:sun:Chibi Mode :sun:
1 character = 15$ - no background
:la: Add chara = + 5$ / chara
:la: add simple BG = +20$ (detailed BG discussed on note)
Dolphin and The Priest by futarinokizunaComm: Play by futarinokizuna

:sun:Character Mode:sun:
1character - white background
:bulletpink::bulletpink:Focused more on the character rather than the Background:bulletpink::bulletpink:
:bulletpink::bulletpink:Only for simple character design. Detailed one will be included for Background mode:bulletpink::bulletpink:
:bulletpink::bulletpink:Max file resolution: A4 350DPI:bulletpink::bulletpink:
:la:Add chara = +15$ /chara
:la: add simple/blurred BG = +20$ (detailed BG discussed on note)

:bulletpink: waist up 30$:bulletpink:
Kara no Kyoukai: Shiki 2 by futarinokizunaCharima Livt by futarinokizuna

With simple/blurred BG --
Everyone is Alone by futarinokizunaWI: Rye Verarldy by futarinokizuna

:bulletpink: fullbody 45$:bulletpink:
Happy Birthday, Miku~ by futarinokizunaHappy 2013 ! by futarinokizuna

--With simple/blurred BG --
Winter is coming by futarinokizunaLily by futarinokizunaWynose's Inauguration by futarinokizuna

:sun:Designing Your OC:sun:
1 character - no / simple patterned background - depends on details.
Max file resolution B4 350dpi
Fullbody - $50 - $90
AT: Sabrina by futarinokizunaCon: The Healer by futarinokizunaMermaid by futarinokizunaCon: The Soul Reaper by futarinokizuna

:sun:Background Mode:sun:
1character - waist up & fullbody - including background
:bulletpink::bulletpink:Max file resolution: B4 350DPI:bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink:
:bulletpink::bulletpink:Focused more on the backgrounds/moods rather than the characters. Please choose carefully.:bulletpink::bulletpink:
:bulletpink::bulletpink:Price depends on details and difficulty. The longer I work, it'll be more expensive. Discussed on note:bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink:
:la:Add chara = + $20 /chara

:bulletpink: $70 - $99:bulletpink:
Comm: The Great Aurora by futarinokizunaWI: The Killer by futarinokizunaComm: In The Land of Twilight by futarinokizunaPray for Indonesia by futarinokizunaFlowers 2 by futarinokizunaThe Peace by futarinokizunaWe might don't know by futarinokizuna
Comm: She Sings for The Sunset by futarinokizunaComm: See You Later by futarinokizuna

:bulletpink: $100++ :bulletpink:
Comm: Living Room by futarinokizunaMirai in Wonderland by futarinokizunaSS: Candy Sushi Cake by futarinokizunaHidden in Red by futarinokizunaFantasia Nanourisma by futarinokizunaMirai's Room by futarinokizunaComm: Destroyed by futarinokizunaSS: The Tea Time by futarinokizunaComm: White and Black by futarinokizunaComm: Challenge by futarinokizunaSV: Rainbow Generator by futarinokizunaComm: Finally We Fight by futarinokizuna

:sun:Colouring Your Lineart:sun:
Price: $45 - $90

:sun:Group Package:sun:
For 4characters.
Price: $125+
:la:Add chara = + $15 /chara
Niffleheim Party by futarinokizuna


:bulletpink: Name :
:bulletpink: Email / paypal:
:bulletpink: Commission Type:
:bulletpink: Characters :
:bulletpink: *Description / Pose / Art Story :
:bulletpink: *Reference/Pose Link:
:bulletpink: Way of Payment :

*If you don't fill this one, I'll make it based on my imagination.


Paypal (


:bulletpink:Feel free to ask me anything if you are unclear about the commission info.
:bulletpink:Please note : DO NOT pay before I confirm the price! Usually I'll refund if that's the case but I'm not that kind forever ^^;
:bulletpink: Regular commissioner (which had ordered more than 5times) got 15% discount!

Regular commissioner : OblightsFelutiahime

Thank you for your attention.
All d' best

- Mimi N


Cry by futarinokizuna
I reaaaaally need to bring back my colour sense.
Comm: Independently Study by futarinokizuna
Comm: Independently Study

I made this for a card game project named Karacterz. Check the cool website here!
Do not use for profitable purpose.
I had so much fun drawing this. Now I'm moving to next client :)

Art © Mimi N & Karacterz
I wonder if DeviantArt note system is having an error? I noted several people and I have no reply at all from everyone.
Update: Oct 22nd 2014.
Whoa -_-; it's been a long time I didn't visit DA and suddenly it has update status feature like FB does.

First of all, thank you so much for the birthday wishes. Once again, I can't reply on them one by one but I do read all of them (although at this moment, I don't have time to read, maybe next week). I'm really touched that people still comment eventhough I am not active like years ago.

Second of all, I cannot express my biggest apologies to people who purchased commissions from me and still waiting, especially Vaniraa . I have some bad conditions this month, and luckily it's over today. For me, the end of those bad things are truly the best present I have for my birthday. Although one of them, which is my sudden drop in healthiness made me unavailable to draw for weeks, thus the commissions are even delayed more than before. Thus, I apologize to all my commissioners and understand if you want to back off. Though I promised Vaniraa I will finish hers by Sunday at least.

That's all for now. What a long status for the first one, right? ^^;

All d' best
- Mimi N

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